Time To Raise Your Shelfie Game?

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Are you shelves living up to their full potential?

Whether you’re decorating a bookcase in your bedroom or open shelving in your living room, following the below suggestions is sure to raise your shelfie game and create a beautifully styled space.

Before we dive into the details it's a good idea to consider your color pallet. Choose three-four colors that compliment each other and if in doubt keep it neutral. 

There are certain items that are always a winner and the good news is most people will have these items around the home already! Just remember, this is your opportunity to showcase your own personality so don't be afraid of being a little quirky and sharing your personal style.

  1. Books - Books are brilliant for bookshelves..duh! But, you don't need to stack them end to end. Keep some together in small batches or turn them horizontal to make them a feature. 
  2. Photos - Beautifully framed photos never look out of place on a shelf. Plus, what better way to make it personal and make a loved ones photo a centrepiece on your shelf. 
  3. Artwork - This is a great way to bring color into your shelf styling. Be mindful of the color pallet and the high and size of your frames. 
  4. Plants - We've saved the best till last. Plants never look out of place and bring a warmth and homeliness to all living spaces. Plus, they are natural air purifiers...winning!